About Trouncem

Trouncem is a management consulting and strategic communications firm that delivers impactful, bottom-line results.
Brian Pia is an independent management consultant and the founder and CEO of Trouncem. He has PwC and Fortune 500 experience. He’s a former EVP, SVP, partner, and owner of national marketing communications, public relations, and digital firms. He’s also a former journalist.
PwC, CEOs, and other executives rave about his change management communication programs that help corporate leaders and employees thrive during global transformations involving new operating models, processes, policies, technology, transfers, career progression, healthcare packages, and mergers.
His marketing communication programs generated significant media coverage, double-digit sales increases, and the No. 1 market share for products and services. He’s launched new brands, 100 consumer products, 200 stores, and new healthcare services. 
Success is what matters. Trouncem always delivers.

You’re phenomenal. Citi gets high value from you.

Elliott Stott-Briggs, PwC UK Workforce Director

You’re exceptional. You have been so committed to our work.

Anibal Corvetto, Citi Global Head of Underwriting

We couldn’t have done it without you.

David Baral, PwC Managing Director, US Deals, New York

We very much appreciate your knowledge and expertise.

Mary Hardin, Ubique Group VP of Brand Marketing

You nailed it!

BJC HealthCare CEO Richard Liekweg

Our Services

Change Management
Content Creation
Corporate & Brand Storytelling
Crisis & Issues Management
Demand Generation
Digital & Social Media Strategy
Go-to-Market Planning
Internal & External Communications
Marketing Communications
Media Relations
Media Training
Product Marketing