Ending protests through real-time change management


AMERICAN Cast Iron Pipe Company is a global pipe manufacturer with 3,000 employees. The company changed the premiums for its healthcare plan from free to low-cost. The company communicated the changes so poorly that workers and pensioners picketed at the factory over their reduced benefits. There was extensive media coverage. ACIPCO asked Brian Pia to fix the problem.



Brian compared the old healthcare plan to the new one. He also compared it to other corporate healthcare plans. The research showed that ACIPCO’s new healthcare plan was one of the best in the industry. Brian prepared ACIPCO CEO Van Richey to lead town hall meetings. Richey explained the reasons for the change to employees and retirees. He provided a comparison of the new healthcare plan to those of other companies.



The protests ended immediately. A recent Glassdoor comment: “Great insurance.”
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