How revenue and donations soared at a nonprofit scientific research organization


Southern Research is a nonprofit that developed seven FDA-approved cancer drugs, tests half of the active chemotherapies in the United States, and is a national leader in innovative technology solutions for clean energy, air, and water. That eclectic business mix made it difficult to communicate what SR does. Brian Pia created the rebranding strategy.


Brian conducted independent research and led interviews with 60 executives, managers, and customers to gain insights into this complicated organization. His strategic program framed the organization under one vision: “Solving the World’s Hardest Problems.” Brian’s team gutted, rewrote, rebuilt, and rebranded SR’s website and social media pages. They created a video that brought clarity to the organization. They told compelling stories of how SR’s scientists and engineers solved problems through internal and external communication programs. That clarity helped improve SR’s bottom line.


Southern Research’s revenue increased by 11%, and donations increased by 44% following the rebranding program.
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