Launching a new brand of home cleaners


JAWS International in Toledo was launching a new brand of non-toxic home cleaners that reduce plastic waste. The company asked Brian Pia to help.



Brian conducted independent market research. Most household cleaners come in single-use plastic bottles that harm the environment when consumers throw them away. Plastic bottles break down into microplastics that enter water systems, posing potential health risks. So, it’s best to reuse bottles.
JAWS Cleaners, which stands for the Just Add Water System, helps reduce plastic waste because the bottles are reusable. The non-toxic cleaner comes in a cartridge you place in the bottle. Twist the sprayer to release the concentrate and start cleaning. One JAWS cartridge reduces plastic waste by 83% vs. traditional spray bottles.
Brian focused on the environmental benefits and product effectiveness to increase the credibility of the brand. Brian’s team persuaded influencers and local and national media to test the products and write stories. They raved about JAWS.
The breakthrough? Brian asked Good Housekeeping to test the JAWS Glass Cleaner.
“The spray cleaned glass effectively, and it was the only cleaner of the 17 we tested to leave the surface completely streak-free,” said the Good Housekeeping Institute.
That endorsement was a game-changer and sparked a massive sales increase.



The company has sold more than 150 million JAWS cartridges.
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