Helping a fire hydrant company through a national crisis


AMERICAN Flow Control is the fire hydrant manufacturing division of AMERICAN Cast Iron Pipe Company. The company makes American-Darling and Waterous fire hydrants and sells them to cities and counties across the United States.
ACIPCO officials contacted Brian Pia for crisis management help when they learned that water might not come out of the hydrants due to a faulty lubricant made by Chevron.


Brian served on the crisis team, along with ACIPCO executives and outside legal counsel. It was a risky situation. They had to make sure the hydrants operated. They impelmented a national recall and immediately informed officials in hundreds of cities and counties about the problem. Brian’s team created a system so water boards could order thousands of replacement valves for free through ACIPCO’s website.


All fire hydrants worked. ACIPCO gained credibility and customers due to the way we handled the crisis.
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