Helping bank employees succeed during a global transformation


Citigroup, a Fortune 50 company with $78 billion in revenue and 239,000 employees in 160 countries, was going through a global transformation to improve the bank’s wholesale credit risk operation. PwC selected Trouncem CEO and independent management consultant Brian Pia to create and execute a change management communication program for Citi.


Citi’s transformation included a new target operating model, new procedures, and new technology, as well as the transfer of 200 employees to a new global underwriting division. Brian led discovery sessions and an impact assessment. He developed a change management communications plan targeting the impacted divisions and their employees. Brian advised global leaders on best practices to persuade employees to adopt the changes. He managed Town Hall meetings and created presentations, newsletter articles, announcements, employee handbooks, and intranet site content.


Brian’s program helped employees succeed during the global transformation. PwC and Citi executives raved about Brian’s work. “You’re exceptional. You have been so committed to our work,” said Anibal Corvetto, Citi Global Head of Underwriting. “It was a pleasure to work with you and learn from you. We appreciate your guidance,” said Andrea Kiraly, Director of Citi Portfolio Management. “Brian is my right-hand man,” said Humberto Salomon, Citi Global Head of Risk Analysis.
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