Saving a dietary supplement brand


The founders of the Airborne dietary supplement brand made false claims about health benefits. They marketed Airborne as a way to prevent and treat colds. The misleading ads caused a government and class action lawsuit. Summit Partners, a private equity firm, bought Airborne from the founders. They hired new management to fix the problem. They put new labeling on Airborne packaging. The new CEO hired Brian Pia to handle the media fallout.


Brian worked with the new CEO and corporate attorneys to position the company as more transparent and credible. He showed reporters the new Airborne labels and website that met federal government guidelines and described how Airborne tablets help support the immune system.


Brian’s crisis management program, along with new labels and management’s honest approach, saved the brand. “Brian, I like your style,” said the ABC News investigative reporter who broke the story about Airborne. Schiff Vitamins now owns the brand.
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